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Ultra-Thin Naked Phone Case For iPhone 11
Ultra-Thin Naked Phone Case For Google Pixel 3

The Thinnest Case Ever!

Made for case-haters who want to enjoy the original design & ergonomics of their smartphone
while protecting from scratches & bumps.

We Take Pride in Quality

How Our Ultra-Thin Case is Made

Our Case is so thin, machines are not delicate enough to handle the entire manufacturing process. There’s more human touch to this than you think.

See The Difference

Our strict manufacturing practices mean reject rates are high. But cases that make the cut stand out in quality and consistency.

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In-stock Items: Ships within 1 working day.
Arrives in 5 to 7 working days after dispatch.

3 Months Warranty

If you receive a product you feel is defective,
or if the product fails within 3 months,
drop an email to

(Our warranty does not cover accidental damage, and normal wear & tear.)

Giving Back

1% of sales go to ending the homelessness crisis

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